Virus warning hoax

There has been a spate of "Virus Warning" e-mails recently, generally including an apology from the writer, claiming they sent you a virus in error, and including details of a file to find and delete. These are a hoax.

Of late, the file jdbgmgr.exe has been claimed as a virus. We strongly advise everyone to be highly sceptical of any e-mail that advises you to delete any file, regardless of how official the mail seems, or how well informed you believe the sender to be. Always check for yourself.

It took me less than 5 seconds to type jdbgmgr.exe into the google search at the top of this page and hit enter, and get back an authorative response that confirmed it was a hoax.

This should become standard procedure for everyone, all the time, since this is not the first such hoax mail, nor (unfortunately) will it be the last!

(Published on 25-May-2002 16:58 by RossW, read 18 times)
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