Domain Name Scammers come unstuck...

We have previously had news articles here advising or warning users of unscrupulous domain name registrars. Most of these operators made promises they had little or no intention of keeping, offered deals that seemed too good to be true, or at the other end of the scale, charged 100% to 500% more for the same services than the official registrars charged!

Recently, the Melbourne-based company Internet Name Group (also known as Internet Name Protection) reportedly has left its office and is not answering phone calls or e-mail.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has an action in Federal Court against ING and director Mark Spektor.

It seems those who have pre-paid for registrations of their domains for up to 10 years in advance may have done their money cold. (We'd love to say "we told you so" about now....)

The full article of the story is available here

(Published on 22-Aug-2002 09:42 by RossW, read 21 times)
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