What's all this about Canned Meat??

Spam. We all get it. We all hate it. But why on earth do they call it spam??

In an age long past, a brilliant group of guys known collectively as "Monty Python" performed many skits, made various films, movies, TV series etc. Their completely off-the-wall humour was (and remains) legendary.

One of their pieces featured a scene where "SPAM" was in one of the meals on the menu. As the waitress continued through the menu, "SPAM" became more and more prominent until eventually about the only word being spoken was "SPAM".

This is pretty much how we perceive junk e-mail nowdays, where what was initially a rare event has become increasingly prominent, and if nothing changes, will probably drown out all else! The word "SPAM" just stuck!

If you're interested, and have an MP3 player handy, click here (2Mb).

(Published on 27-Sep-2002 10:24 by RossW, read 245 times)
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