Anti-virus E-mail scanning causes problems.

If your anti-virus program is set to scan E-mail as it is collected, it is a good idea to turn this option off. This might sound like a bad idea, as E-mail is where most of the virii come from. The problem is, this "feature" usually breaks after a while.

At Albury Local Internet we have found that, when diagnosing mail collection problems, E-mail scanning features prominently if there is an anti-virus program installed. When this is turned off, everything works fine, including the detection of infected messages.

It doesn't seem to matter what anti-virus program you use, be it VET, Nortons, McAfee, any of the others, whether paid for or free, you can safely turn off E-mail scanning. All of the windows machines in the ALI office and Walk-in-Centre have the mail scanning feature turned off. Our machines pick up infected messages without any problem, and we use those messages to identify the source, if possible.

Because there are so many different programs, and the instructions can vary (even between different versions of the same product) it is beyond the scope of this page to give you exact instructions on disabling mail scanning.

A good start would be the help files for your program. A search for "mail scanning", or "internet", should produce a few leads.

(Published on 31-May-2004 16:52 by Mark, read 25 times)
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