New Weather Information

Albury Local Internet is please to announce an innovative new addition to our already comprehensive live local weather information.

Our new Wind display presents the last 24 hours of wind speed and direction in a dynamic format which can be instantly interpreted.

But what is it telling me? Every 5 seconds, we check the current wind speed and direction and plot it on the display. The angle from centre represents the direction of the wind (up is north, left is west, etc). The distance from centre indicates the wind speed. The further from the centre, the faster the wind. 3 concentric rings are labeled with convenient speed markers.

The colour of the points gives an indication of the age of that reading. White is current, progressing through yellow, green, blue, purple and red for the oldest data.

A "wind run" line is plotted to indicate average wind speed over the same time period, which also bears a convenient time scale.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please direct them to

(Published on 24-Jan-2006 10:13 by RossW, read 205 times)
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