Mail Update - all ALI Users

We have been doing some extensive work on our mail system, please check here for details.

With the migration of the last of our users onto our National number, we have commenced the major task of moving all email services onto a server located closer (in network terms) to improve email performance for our customers.

At approx 3:30am this morning, the final migration was completed and the old mail server is no longer accepting or sending your mail. If you have set your mail programs per our instructions and using either "" or "" as your smtp and pop3 server, you should not need to change anything.

If you have hard-coded the IP address (against our repeated advice to not do so!) then you will be unable to send or receive email until you set the correct mail server (by name!).

If you experience any problems or have any questions about the changes, please do not hesitate to call our office during business hours on 02-60-40-3000.

UPDATE: The server changeover happened quite smoothly, a small number of customers were impacted by a missed DNS entry but no mail was lost. Greylisting has substantially reduced the spam levels, and as of 9:30 saturday I have added dsbl and spamhaus RBL blacklists back into the configuration.

Customers should be noticing faster mail sending and collection from the server, and substantially less spam.

INFORMATION: Our improved anti-spam measures include "Greylisting", which has proven to be remarkably effective against specific types of spam. The one negative side-effect of this system is that some mail will be delayed. The first time a given address tries to send you email, our system notes the sender and recipient and tells the other end to "go away" for 10 minutes. If they try again after that time, their mail is immediately accepted, and a "window" opened for a further 3 days where mail from them will not be delayed. Sometimes, the sending end does not re-try for more than 10 minutes and this may inconvenience some users, but the retry delay is beyond our control. If you cannot accept this extra delay, please contact us so we may turn it off for your address.

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